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Tin Coast Treats

Cornish Snacks and Ladies Socks in a Box

Cornish Snacks and Ladies Socks in a Box

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Indulge in the ultimate gift experience with our Sweets and Chocolate Hamper, featuring our exclusive Ladies Sock in a Box, along with premium Cornish tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, all beautifully presented in one elegant package. This special box combines luxury and local flavour, making it the perfect present for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just a thoughtful gesture.

The package includes a pair of women's socks, offering comfort. They are perfectly complemented by the heart of our gift box: a selection of the finest Cornish tea, coffee, and rich hot chocolate. These beverages are carefully chosen to represent the best of Cornwall's rich brewing traditions, providing a relaxing escape at any time of the day.

To complete this indulgent experience, the box includes an assortment of chocolates and sweets. These familiar treats are selected to satisfy sweet cravings, ensuring that this box caters to all tastes with its comprehensive range of delights.

Whether you're surprising a friend or family member, or treating yourself, our beautifully designed box is sure to impress. It offers a taste of Cornwall's finest and a touch of everyday luxury. Shop now and send a heartfelt gift that combines comfort, taste, and elegance with our Sweets and Chocolate Hamper, Ladies Sock in a Box, and Cornish hot chocolate.

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