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Discover 10 Fun Facts About the Cornish Language

We sell our Cornish Collection with a choice of Cornish phrases.  But have you ever heard of the Cornish language? It's a fascinating language that has a rich history and unique characteristics. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 fun facts about the Cornish language that will surely pique your interest. So, let's dive in and discover more about this intriguing language!

1. What is Cornish?

Cornish is a Celtic language that originated in Cornwall, a region in the southwest of England. It is closely related to Welsh and Breton, which are also Celtic languages.

2. Ancient Origins

The Cornish language has ancient origins, dating back to the early medieval period. It was widely spoken in Cornwall until the late 18th century when it started to decline.

3. Revival Efforts

Since the 20th century, there have been significant efforts to revive the Cornish language. Today, there is a growing community of Cornish speakers who are passionate about preserving and promoting their language.

4. Unique Alphabet

Cornish has its own unique alphabet, known as the Cornish Revival Alphabet. It is based on the traditional Cornish orthography but has been adapted to suit modern pronunciation.

5. Sounds and Pronunciation

Cornish has some interesting sounds and pronunciation rules. For example, the letter "w" is pronounced like the English "oo" sound, and the letter "y" is pronounced like the "i" in "bit."

6. Cornish Place Names

Many place names in Cornwall are derived from the Cornish language. For example, Penzance comes from the Cornish words "pen" meaning "head" and "sans" meaning "holy."

7. Cornish Language Week

Every year, Cornish Language Week is celebrated to raise awareness and promote the use of the Cornish language. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Cornish culture and language.

8. Cornish Language Board

The Cornish Language Board, also known as the Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek, is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the Cornish language. They provide resources, courses, and support for learners.

9. Cornish in Popular Culture

The Cornish language has made appearances in popular culture, including in movies and TV shows. It adds a unique and authentic touch to the portrayal of Cornwall and its rich cultural heritage.

10. Growing Interest

There is a growing interest in learning the Cornish language, both within Cornwall and beyond. Many people are drawn to its unique history and the sense of identity it brings to the region.

So, there you have it – 10 fun facts about the Cornish language. Whether you're a language enthusiast or simply curious about different cultures, exploring the Cornish language is a fascinating journey. Why not give it a try and discover the beauty of this ancient Celtic language?

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